OpalChrome HD – Going Beyond Color
At 33image, we specialize in capturing Professional Photographers / Artists / Illustrators as well as your precious images onto special pre-coated aluminum metal panels using a revolutionary new process called OpalChrome HD. We understand the importance premium quality and treat each piece with the utmost care. Using our signature state of the art imaging equipment, we ensure perfection comes standard with every order.

We’ve developed the best high¬†quality color solution in print.

Birthplace of OpalChrome HD

Dear Customer,

Welcome to 33image, the provider of premium quality print solutions. Our flagship OpalChrome HD Metal Print process has redefined the reproduction of color. The color gamut from traditional inkjet printing on paper has finally been surpassed with OpalChrome HD on metal.

Our friendly team are at your service to answer any questions you may have in bringing your precious photography or artwork to life. Color, contrast, brightness and the optimum production process ensures you will receive a premium quality metal piece every time.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege to deliver you the ultimate in color and quality that will last a lifetime.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Bernasconi, CEO